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I first set up my Massage Mondays in 2015, as a way to help other like-minded therapists focusing on how to work more effectively and with ease. Now as time has moved on and with so many requests to review previous posts it made sense to offer the whole library at once. It has grown to include nearly 100 videos. They range from describing different techniques, common pathologies, how to work deeply with ease, as well as ideas that will inspire you along your journey as a soft tissue therapist.

Learn to work with ease

Each and every video aims to help you as a therapist learn to work smartly and effectively with ease. If you're burnt out, your body aches, and you're just plain tired after a day's work, this is the catalogue of videos for you! My priority is to both inspire and protect you as a therapist whilst delivering the highest quality treatment!

Easy to navigate categories

My library has been organised and divided into 10 easy sections which will make it easy for you to navigate, covering subjects that look at both the upper & lower limbs, various pathologies, biomechanics, deep work, advanced techniques as well as looking at the basics in a new light.

Massage Mondays Library

1 Years access to my entire catalogue of Massage Monday videos

What's Included?

  • 1 Years instant access to my entire catalogue of videos

  • 90+ Videos with techniques, tips and advice

  • Certificate of completion

  • Worth up to 6 CPD points

Categories and Videos

See a more detailed list of titles for each category.

  • 1


    • First steps

    • Information Survey

    • Stay in Touch

  • 2

    Head, Neck, Jaw and Chest

    • Head and Neck

    • Intraoral Prep Work

    • Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage Case Study

    • Preparation Work for Mobilising 1st Rib

    • Working with the Neck (Position 1)

    • Working with the Jaw

  • 3

    Upper Limb

    • Arm Support in Supine

    • Complete Shoulder Workshop

    • Hypermobile Joints

    • Lifting the Scapula

    • Managing the Shoulder in Supine

    • Seated Chest Stretch

    • Tension in the Forearm

    • Working on a Chair (Arm)

    • Working on a Chair (Shoulder)

  • 4


    • Assisted Hand (QL)

    • Depth into the Back

    • Deeper Massage Strokes With Ease

    • Lower Back Pain

    • Lower Back Work

    • Petrissage Across the Body

    • Working with Lower Back Pain (Part 1)

    • Working with Lower Back Pain (Part 2)

  • 5


    • Assisted Glutes

    • Elbow in Glutes

    • Hip in Side Lying

    • Hip Mobility

    • ITB Syndrome

    • Quadratus Lumborum

    • Working Through Glutes (Heel of Hand)

  • 6

    Lower Limb

    • Accessing the Leg Anterior

    • Forearm on Calves

    • Hamstrings in Supine

    • Leg Palpation

    • Side Lying Calves

    • Side Lying Calves - Using Your Fist

    • Supine Adductors

    • Working with the Knee (Part 1)

    • Working with the Knee (Part 2)

  • 7


    • Achilles Tendon

    • Mobilising the Ankle Joint

    • Testing - Feet

    • Working with the Feet (Part 1)

    • Working with the Feet (Part 2)

  • 8

    Self Care

    • Using the Diaphragm (Part 1)

    • Using the Diaphragm (Part 2)

  • 9


    • Assisted Thumb

    • Circle of Power

    • Compression with Shear and Rotation

    • Depth With Your Thumb

    • Direction of Stroke

    • Hands Free Massage Using Your Elbow

    • How To Use Your Thumbs

    • Managing Lower Back Pain with STR

    • MET Hamstring Stretch

    • Postural Assessment (Part 1)

    • Postural Assessment (Part 2)

    • Tapotement

    • Transverse STR for Rectus Femoris

    • TSTR in Side Lying

    • Using the Fist

    • Vibration and Compression

  • 10


    • Achilles Tendonitis

    • Ankle Sprain

    • Assessing Feet - Bunions

    • Assessing Feet - Plantar Fasciitis

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    • Groin Strains (Part 1)

    • Groin Strains (Part 2)

    • Hypermobile Therapist

    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Conditions

    • Shin Splints

  • 11


    • Abdominal Towel Work

    • Bed Height (Client Size)

    • Bed Height (Stance and Arms)

    • Effective Client Communications

    • Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    • How To Set Up

    • Moving Your Client

    • Oncology Massage Introduction

    • Oncology Massage Techniques

    • Palpation vs Functional Objective Testing

    • Post Marathon Massage (Part 1)

    • Post Marathon Massage (Part 2)

    • Seated Chair Massage 1

    • Seated Chair Massage 2

    • Working on the Floor (Basics)

    • Working on the Floor (Calf)

    • Working on the Floor (Chest)

    • Working on the Floor (Leg)

    • Working on the Floor (Shoulder)

  • 12

    What Next?

    • Course Feedback Instructions

    • Course Feedback

What others have said about my Massage Mondays?

Kenneth, 2021

Massage Mondays Review

As always many thanks for your Massage Monday's. Continuing to benefit all, which is great especially in the present climate. I continue to obtain excellent technique movements in your practical demonstrations, coupled with your advice. Certainly, makes me aware when treating the football players I encounter.

Jenny, 2021

I watch and look forward to Susan's Massage Mondays every single week! The bite sized videos are just what I need to keep me focused every Monday. Can't wait until the new library is released!

Eddie, 2020

Massage Mondays Review

I can't thank you enough for the time, effort and detail that goes into these videos. The advice and tips have been so useful to my clinic and I can't recommend more highly!


Small tasters of some of some of my Massage Mondays videos can be found on Youtube page below

Massage Mondays Library

1 Years access to my entire catalogue of Massage Monday videos

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