Increase your confidence

Do you find working in the area of the neck, jaw and chest daunting or intimidating?

This course will teach you my top tips on how to be able to treat your clients with ease and confidence, achieve the best connection, and meet their needs.

Develop Your Knowledge

The course covers a variety of common pathologies and how to treat them effectively, such as Whiplash, Torticollis, TMJ and Headaches.

Be the go-to neck, jaw and chest specialist for your clients with creative suggestions that will bring a fresh approach to each treatment.

Refine Your Skills

This course will develop your assessment skills and show you how you can seamlessly make them part of your treatment.

It will teach you how you can increase the effectiveness of your treatments, and bring sensitivity and skill into your touch.

What will you get from this course?

  • Knowledge and understanding will be at the forefront of the course, it will lay the foundation for a more effective touch

  • Develop your assessment skills both visually and through touch, increase the accuracy of your findings

  • You will be able to integrate your new found techniques into a treatment that can improve your session outcomes

  • You will become a more confident therapist, your clients will aprreciate your sensitive and accurate touch

  • Creativity, inspiration, these go without saying...

Please note this is an advanced massage course, the prerequisite is you must have a relevant hands-on therapy qualification or massage experience.

What's included in this course?

An online course that you can do anywhere, anytime!

  • 50+ high quality practical and lecture videos

  • Comprehensive transcripts and worksheets

  • Downloadable lecture handouts

  • Final quiz to test your knowledge

  • 1 Year access to the entire course

  • Worth up to 5 CPD points

  • Certificate of completion

  • Access to private support forum

Course Syllabus

There are 6 core modules on this course, in addition to a home care module and a selection of bonus resources. You can find a breakdown of each module further down the page.

  • 1

    Welcome to the NJC online course!

    • First steps

    • Information Survey

    • Stay in Touch

  • 2


    • 1. Objective and Subjective Assessment

    • 2. Whiplash

    • 3. Headaches

    • 4. Torticollis

    • 5. TMJ

  • 3

    Quiz 1: Pathologies

    • Take Pathology Quiz

  • 4

    Assess and Prep

    • Inter-oral Prep Work

    • Client Communication

    • Depth Without Thumbs

    • Prep Work Mobilising Rib

  • 5

    Quiz 2: TMJ and Inter-oral

    • Take TMJ and Inter-oral Quiz

  • 6


    • Intro to Tests

    • Posterolateral Neck Flexors Strength Test

    • Upper Trapezius Strength Test

    • General Strength Tests

    • Anterolateral Neck Flexors Strength Test

    • Scalene Cramp Test

    • Scalene Relief Test

    • Adson's Test

    • Atlanto-Axial Articulation

    • Atlanto-Occipital Articulation

    • Spurlings Test

    • Cervical Distraction Test

    • Eden's Test

    • First Rib Mobility Test

    • Quadrant Facet Joint Test 1 (Lecture)

    • Quadrant Facet Joint Test 1 (Video)

    • Quadrant Facet Joint Test 2 (Lecture)

    • Quadrant Facet Joint Test 2 (Video)

    • SCM Trigger Points Test (Lecture)

    • SCM Trigger Points Test (Video)

    • Vertebral Artery Test (Lecture)

    • Vertebral Artery Test (Video)

    • Cervical Compression Test (Lecture)

    • Cervical Compression Test (Video)

  • 7


    • Alignment

    • Managing the Head Position

    • Working with the Neck (Position 1)

    • Working with the Neck (Position 2)

  • 8


    • 1st Rib Mobility

    • Chest Stretch with Bolster

    • Mobilising Sternoclavicular Joint

    • Lateral Rib Expansion

    • Three Techniques for Jaw Work

    • Releasing Upper Trapezius Tension

    • SCM Release

    • Working with the Jaw

    • TMJ Treatment

  • 9

    Case Study

    • Part 1 - An Initial Assessment

    • Part 2 - A Review with Tara

    • Part 3 - The Next Step in Assessment

    • Part 4 - Intra Oral Work

    • Part 5 - Finishing the Session

  • 10

    Home Care

    • Breathing Pattern Assessment




  • 11

    Quiz 3. Final

    • Final Exam Instructions

    • Start Quiz

  • 12

    Bonus Resources

    • Relax the Jaw and Improve Your Running Speed

  • 13

    What Next?

    • Practical Workshop

    • Leave me a review!

  • 14

    Course Feedback

    • Course Feedback Instructions

    • Course Feedback

NEW: Practical Workshop now available

More dates added soon, see below for details

  • Put into practice what you learn on the online course! This is a day that is both fun and will improve your hands-on skills.

  • Like all soft tissue work it is important to experience face to face tuition. There are some things that cannot be taught virtually like how to feel more, be touch sensitive, trust your hands to be the brains behind the movement.

  • Worth 8 CPD points

  • Certificate of completion

Pricing Options

Online Neck, Jaw and Chest Workshop

1 Year access

NEW: Neck, Jaw and Chest One-Day Practical Workshop

includes the online workshop

Price: £185. Click Buy Now for more details.

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