Advance your hands-on skills

Do you want effective, successful outcomes without brute force?

This course will show you how to seamlessly integrate your advanced massage skills into your massage, rather than making them the main event.

Assess and Treat

This course will show you classical assessment skills using a variety of movement tests

We will concentrate on what I fervently believe should be our main focus; manual therapy, palpation, and soft tissue skills.

Learn about different pathologies

The course covers a variety of common pathologies and how to treat them effectively, such as Frozen Shoulder, Impingement and Rotator Cuff Tears

I offer creative suggestions that will bring a fresh approach to each treatment. Apply your techniques with ease and confidence, and make a real difference to your clients.

What's included in this course?

An online course that you can do anywhere, anytime!

  • 50+ high quality practical and lecture videos

  • Comprehensive transcripts and worksheets

  • Downloadable lecture handouts

  • Final quiz to test your knowledge

  • 1 Year access to the entire course

  • Worth up to 5 CPD points

  • Certificate of completion

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the online Treating the Shoulder course!

    • First steps

    • Information Survey

    • Stay in Touch

  • 2


    • 1. Communication

    • 2. Movement

    • 3. Subjective Assessment

    • 4. Objective Assessment

  • 3


    • Tendonitis

    • Impingement

    • Rotator Cuff Tears

    • Dislocation

    • Frozen Shoulder

  • 4


    • ROM Tests (lecture)

    • Acromioclavicular Shear Test (lecture

    • Empty Can Test (demonstration)

    • Neer's Test (lecture)

    • Neer's Test (demonstration)

    • Hawkins Kennedy Test (lecture)

    • Hawkins Kennedy Test (demonstration)

    • Apley Scratch Test (lecture)

    • Apley Scratch Test (demonstration)

  • 5


    • Accessing the Shoulder

    • Accessing the Posterior Shoulder

    • Managing the Shoulder in Supine

    • Shoulder in Side Lying

    • Upper Shoulder and Neck in Side Lying

    • Shoulder in Prone

    • Arm Support in Supine

    • Managing the Arm in Supine

    • Managing the Arm in Side Lying

  • 6


    • Petrissage Across the Body

    • Assisted Hand

    • Controlling Arms

    • Testing

    • Working on the Floor

    • Working on a chair

    • Deep Work with the Elbow

    • Lifting the Scapula

    • Depth without Thumbs

  • 7


    • 1. Discussion with Client

    • 2. Seated Assessment

    • 3. Standing Assessment

    • 4. Couch Assessment

    • 5. Treatment

  • 8

    Case Studies

    • Case Study 1 (Part 1)

    • Case Study 1 (Part 2)

    • Case Study 2 (Part 1)

    • Case Study 2 (Part 2)

  • 9

    Home Care

    • Breathing Pattern Assessment

    • Breathing - Rib Expansion

    • Breathing Pattern Rehab (Part 1)

    • Breathing Pattern Rehab (Part 2)

    • Chest Stretch with Bolster

    • Shoulder and Neck Stretches

  • 10


    • Side lying (Premax)

    • Prone (Premax)

  • 11

    Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz Instructions

    • Final Quiz

  • 12

    Course Feedback

    • Course Feedback Instructions

    • Course Feedback

  • 13

    What Next?

    • Practical Tutorial

    • Leave me a review!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a variety of classical movement tests and how to interpret and use visual assessment skills

  • Be able to use your hands-on palpation skills as a comprehensive assessment tool

  • How to understand and evaluate your findings (case studies)

  • How to integrate your assessment into your treatment

  • How to work with a number of pathologies using a variety of techniques

  • Understand the modifications and cautions for each condition

  • Be able to move your client into an effective position to access the shoulder effectively

  • Integrate and maximize positions using counterforce to increase your effectiveness

  • Apply techniques with ease with a wide range of client types and position

  • To have a range of recommendations for home care

Please note this is an advanced massage course, the prerequisite is you must have a relevant hands-on therapy qualification or massage experience.

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1 Year access

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