What is Soft Tissue Release?

Frequently STR is regarded as a stretching procedure, but it is much more than that.  The primary objective is to evoke a return of muscle memory by engaging the nervous system and resetting the affected muscles back to their original resting length.  This will help to prevent nerve compression and referred pain patterns, as well as helping to return normal muscle function.  It is also used in acute & chronic injuries to assist in stopping the pain from centralizing and resulting in the muscles becoming de-conditioned.

Why Transverse STR?

As a tool I love Soft Tissue Release (STR) but I find the application difficult at times, especially when I stick to the rules. However, like most therapists, I like to experiment, and this was one of those situations which forced me to think outside of the box. The question was “how could I achieve the same if not better results but remove the difficulties?”

How does it differ?

The purpose of Transverse STR (TSTR) is to improve the tissue environment without causing undue stress. I have heard multiple times how painful this technique can be from clients and therapists alike. Whilst it is a strong technique, it should not include pain. It should instead feel like the tissue is being given a good stretch without being beaten up!

What are the benefits of TSTR?

The beauty of this approach is:

  • It can be integrated seamlessly into a massage

  • It can be delivered anywhere in the body

  • It is an intelligent way to stretch for all body types that returns glide into the tissue & diminishes adhesions with less pain

  • It provides effortless solutions that protect you as a therapist but meets the needs of the client

  • Creative solutions that restore body function, range of motion, flexibility without overtreating

What's included in this course?

Option 1: to do the online course Option 2: To do the online and practical course

  • Online Workshop - You have 1 years access to all the videos and lectures. It teaches you the reasoning behind the technical application as well as providing you with over 70 videos that demonstrate the practical application and inspire your creativity, to which you can return to time and time again.

  • Practical Workshop - This is a day that is both fun and will improve your hands-on skills. Like all soft tissue work it is important to experience face to face tuition. There are some things that cannot be taught virtually like how to feel more, be touch sensitive, trust your hands to be the brains behind the movement, learn the art of being touch led.

Bonus material

Alongside the online and practical learning, you'll also have access to a number of other privileges

  • Downloadable Resources

    Included in the course is downloadable PDF handouts of lectures, articles and worksheets.

  • Quizzes

    Test your knowledge with exclusive access to worksheets and checklists and the end of module quiz.

  • CPD Points

    Gain up to 12 CPD points and a certificate of completion when you finish both the online and practical workshop.

Please note this is an advanced massage course, the prerequisite is you must have a relevant hands-on therapy qualification or massage experience.

Pricing Options

Online Only

You can choose to just do the online portion of the course, and purchase the practical at a later date (but will be at full price).

Practical Workshop - Online is included for Free

This includes the online course and your choice of practical workshops from the dates listed below.

Practical Workshop Dates

This is when you will attend the one day practical workshop.

You can choose from any of the available dates/locations in the Buy Now button below.

  • North London / Tuesday 9th November 2021

  • North London / Saturday 5th March 2022

  • North London / Sunday 15th May 2022

  • Edinburgh / Monday 6th June 2022

  • North London / Tuesday 26th July 2022

Need more information? Here's what you will learn on each part of the course

Online Workshop Modules

A great resouce and will teach you manual skills you will be able to use forever.

  • 8 video lectures with accompanying handouts

  • 70+ high quality practical videos

  • Worksheets and checklists

  • Supporting documents and downloadable resources

  • 1 Year access to all material

  • Worth 5 CPD points

  • Final quiz to test your knowledge

Practical Workshop

This will develop your hands-on skills, increase your creativity to become a solution based therapist. Completing the online course delivers a great foundation in the technique, the practical workshop is where you can begin to 'stretch' this knowledge into your manual therapy work. Learn how to apply the technique while maintaining the principles of therapist self-care and client safety.

Practical Workshop modules

A list of the things that will be covered on the practical day.

  • Translating what you know in your head into your hands

  • Suggestions about how you can improve your hands-on skills using body mechanics and palpation

  • Recognize when your depth meets the need of your client thereby improving the outcome

  • Increase your creativity toolkit, more muscles, more positions

  • Case studies, do you need new ideas for your exsiting clients?

  • Certificate of completion and 7 CPD points